Meet Kasey, your Financial Coach

Hi, my name is Kasey! I grew up in the beautiful state of South Dakota.

My husband and I struggled to pay off our student loans for 8 years.

After 10+ years of learning about the challenges and complexity of the Hog Production Industry, I have learned a lot about being proactive and the discipline around my actions.

By proactively building a budget and tracking our expenses, we created the discipline we needed to pay off $150,000 of debt within 2 years.

Ask me how my financial coaching program can help you become more proactive and disciplined with your money.

Our story about Money After marriage…

Jake and I delayed reaching our financial goals at the beginning of our relationship.

  • We didn’t have the knowledge and skills needed to be financially successful.
  • We weren’t willing to invest in our financial knowledge.
  • I thought I knew exactly what we were doing with our money.
  • My mom had taught me how to balance my checkbook and save a little money from each paycheck.

We were making good money and crossing our fingers we could pay off my student loans within 5 years.

Instead, we continued to enjoy life. YOLO! That’s what it’s all about right?

Then We had kids…

Three years into our marriage, we had two kiddos.

I wanted to…

  1. cut back hours at work
  2. spend more time with my kids

But we struggled to keep our checking account from going overdrawn.

Our expenses were growing faster than our income and our habits stayed the same

We didn’t have a budgeting or tracking system for our money and our student loans were still hanging over our heads.

This led me to be more resentful which trickled into the rest of my life.

I struggled to enjoy time with my family, and I was overwhelmed by daily tasks.

Our Tipping point…

We knew something had to change but we didn’t know where to start.

We decided to invest in ourselves and gain some knowledge about budgeting and paying off our debt.

We created a budget and tracked it, saved a small emergency fund, and chose to focus on our smallest debt first.

Together we were able to get a plan all laid out, which allowed us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This was a huge stress reliever.

In the end…

With a plan in place, we quickly realized that the “cut the fluff” mentality wasn’t working for us. My husband and I weren’t seeing eye to eye.

By learning how to be more flexible, budget in fun, and communicate about our money we started to see huge gains in paying off our debt.

With the right skills and knowledge, we paid off the remainder of our student loan debt in 2 years.

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