I paid off $150,000 in 2 years

Learn how you can pay your debt off faster too!

Professional Financial Coach

Kasey Russell

Within the first 30 days of my financial coaching program, you will feel less stressed and more confident around your money decisions.

Unlike a Financial Advisor, I focus on your day-to-day money habits and short-term goals such as budgeting, paying off debt and reaching savings goals.

In other words, I do not give advice on specific retirement investments, funds or estate planning.

To get started, book a FREE call with me to ask how my financial coaching program will help you so that you can pay off your debt faster and feel less stress about your money.



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After this call, you will have the confidence you need to invest in building your financial foundation.

Together, we will discuss and answer your questions to decide if my financial coaching program is right for you.

This is where you’ll start, schedule this no-pressure, FREE 15-minute call with me.


The first step is to create awareness around your current habits and make a plan to move forward.

First, you will begin by analyzing how you have spent your money in the past. Then together we will create a budget that reflects your goals and priorities.

You know you’re ready! Book this 2-hour virtual session.

Still not sure about Your Financial Guide?!

You use money as a tool to live the life you love.

When your budget works for you, you take the stress out of your money.

Go ahead, schedule this no-pressure, FREE 15-minute Q&A call and ask me anything about my financial coaching program.

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Learn more about Kasey

In 2019, Jake and I had been drowning in student loan debt for 8 years.

Overtime, we had allowed our expenses to increase faster than our income and the stress and anxiety around money creeped into our lives.

Meanwhile, I resented my full-time career because we were tied to my income.

In order to turn things around, we tracked our expenses to figure out where we were overspending.

Within 2 years, Jake and I paid off $150,000 in debt while we continued to pursue our hobbies.

My financial coaching program is designed for you to create a budget based on YOUR values and priorities. In return, you will pay off your debt faster and stress less about your money.

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 3 reviews
 by Anonymous
Everything made so much sense

After finishing my 2 hr session with Kasey I feel confident we can get our finances in order with her guidance. Everything she explained made so much sense and she was very thorough about making sure I understood everything clearly. I felt so reassured that we could turn our finances around that I paid for her coaching for the next 6 months. Accountability and help along my financial makeover journey is just what I needed.

 by Anonymous

"We learned we don't have to live life, pinching pennies... It won't take as much time to get where we want to be. Our session was very informative, eye-opening, encouraging & we left feeling hopeful."

 by Kelly Royer

"Kasey listened to me & gave me valuable feedback. It was personalized to my situation. I feel in control & excited to continue to improve my budget each month. I learned ways to save in my budget that I would have not thought of before & to keep things I enjoy or I won't stick to it."

~Kelly Royer